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New Product Introductions I'd Like To Use In Design Projects In 2013

I'm just finally recovering from the holidays and embracing the New Year.  What a crazy December.  We had an insane amount of furniture orders that…

Made in the USA - Apolitical yet Patriotic

The election is over and I am no way going to blog about politics. One thing I'm very patriotic and passionate about, is purchasing domestic goods.…

The Reveal Kitchen Before and After

I still have a couple little tweaks but for the most part the kitchen is done.  We are loving the new island already.  Here is what we‚Ķ

My New Kitchen Island

Okay, so long time no post..what's new.  Along with all the normal stuff (kids back to school, work, etc), I have been working on re doing my kitchen…

One Kings Lane Sale Starts Today

Our huge One Kings Lane Sale starts today.  Check it out we have a ton of new pieces.    

The Wacky, Wild and Wonderful of High Point Spring 2012

I'm just returning from High Point market and had a nice time.  It was relaxing and fun.  I think it was the first time my friend,‚Ķ

One Kings Lane and Kristin Drohan Collection Sale Starts tom at 11 am

The culmination of seven months of work comes to fruition.  I'm very excited for tomorrow's sale at 11am.  It ends on Tuesday‚Ķ

Twelve Chairs Boston to Launch Kristin Drohan Collection

I'm very to excited to announce that this fabulous store and interior design studio, Twleve Chairs Boston will be carrying the Kristin‚Ķ

Design Success University

This week I did a seminar with Gail Doby, the owner of Design Success University.   I have to tell you I'm overwhelmed with all the‚Ķ

NKBA 2011 Finalists Kitchen Porn

Before I get to the finalists, I'd like to thank a couple bloggers for featuring my work. First is Nan, at Playful Decor, who blogs about‚Ķ

New Phillip Jeffries Wallcoverings

Even though we have had tons of snow this winter, Spring is in the air.  Maybe not in the weather, but in the design world.  This‚Ķ

New Philip Gorrivan for Highland Court and thanks to Design Shuffle!

I'm headed to the airport in a couple of hours for a short little trip to NYC, so I thought I'd quickly finish up this blog post.…

Would You Have the Guts to do THIS?

Recently, I started an entire house gut job for a client.  It is an adorable Cape that is getting a complete overhaul.  New kitchen,‚Ķ

New Year-New Furniture- New England Home Feature

I hope everyone had a great holiday.  I had a nice break in Florida.  I am excited to be launching some new pieces in the Kristin Drohan‚Ķ

My Favorite Things: Designers What are Yours?

In the latest issue of House Beautiful, they feature both the Editor, Stephen Drucker and several other renowned designer's favorite…

12 Days of Designer Christmas

Long time no post.  This is becoming a theme.  It has been so crazy busy.  Here are my previous weeks prior to the‚Ķ

Eco Friendly Kitchen and Bath Products

Okay, so long time no post.  What can I tell ya.  I took a little sabbatical.  Not at Cirque Lodge or anything.  I was on‚Ķ

Lack of Posts

I first must apologize for the lack of recent and regular posts.  It has been bat crap nutters in my life lately both personally and‚Ķ

What's Next After the Style Evaluation?

Sorry for the lack of recent posts.  I've been swamped with a couple new projects.  When I'm in the beginning stages of a‚Ķ

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm headed off to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and brother.  I'm feeling very thankful these days.  We are‚Ķ

More High Lights

I have so much going on right now and there is so much to write about from Market.  Tonight, I have several dozen clients of a local realty‚Ķ

Off to High Point

I'm off to market see you next week.   

Sneak Peak - Before and Afters

Today I'm participating in Blue Monday at Smiling Sally since the pics contain one of my colors, Blue and Met Monday at Between Naps on the‚Ķ

Tribute to my 100 yr old Grandma

I'm feeling some big time guilt today. Tomorrow, my Grandma turns 100.  With our move this summer I simply could not get back to‚Ķ

I'm Back... Moving Sucks!

We have finally arrived in Concord. We moved out of the hotel last Thursday, got our internet working this weekend, and Jack(my hubby) and I‚Ķ

Retail Therapy- Nordstrom Semi Annual Sale

Tomorrow morning is the first day of Nordstrom's Semi Annual Sale.  After the oh so fun week I've had, I'm going to be first in the‚Ķ

The Time Has Come.....

Well the packers are here and the move has officially begun.    I'm still trying to finish up some work amongst the rising‚Ķ

Presentation is Everything

The design of food and interior decor are very similar.  Presentation of both delight many senses.  Recently, my husband and I had a‚Ķ

House Hunting in Boston

Who knew that house hunting in Boston would have challenges we'd never encountered before?  Bostonians, that's who.  We thought‚Ķ

The Air Force is trying to kill me...

I need to interrupt highlights from High Point with a very important announcement.  For those of you who may not know, my husband is in the‚Ķ

Blogging Kicking and Screaming

When I first told a friend of mine that I was going to start blogging for my business, the above picture is what immediately entered her…