Mid-century Modern design juxtaposes sleek lines with organic shapes. Polished and sophisticated furnishings in this modern style elevate any space. (Photo above left courtesy Tiffany Brooks Design.)

By combining yesterday’s influence with today’s design, you truly have the best of both worlds. Showcasing simplicity, The Kristin Drohan Mid-Century Modern Collection furniture has clean lines and a modern or geometric aesthetic. Use a Sur statement sofa in your living room or create an inviting seating area with our Times Square lounge chair. Mid-century modern is all about items made from natural materials such as wood, metal and leather customized luxury furniture with high-performance fabrics that fit your needs. The Kristin Drohan Collection of mid-century modern furniture includes the following categories of furniture pieces that are sure to exceed your expectations:

With such abroad selection of mid-century modern furniture, it can become difficult to choose an appropriate fabric or wood finish. Luckily, for anyone who is interested in fabric swatches or wood finishing samples, Kristin Drohan can provide them for you to ensure your room's paint and style matches the mid-century modern furniture that we construct.

Kristin is also thrilled to partner with interior design professionals to offer a discount on mid-century modern furniture and accessories.

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