Shipping + Delivery

We have chosen the best delivery companies to ship our furniture. Their delivery team will bring the order inside your residence to the room of choice (includes carrying the product up two (2) flights of stairs). They will unpack the product(s) and remove the packaging. They will also assemble and setup our upholstered beds. Please make sure you do not sign for damaged merchandise without noting it on the paperwork. Please take pictures. Contact your delivery team immediately if your item is received damaged.

On average shipping takes approximately 10 days. Your location in relationship to North Carolina may impact this. West Coast deliveries may be a few days longer and East Coast deliveries a few days less. Any delivery occurring during a holiday will take longer. The week of July 4th and the week between Christmas and New Years are industry holidays and will impact deliveries.

Please confirm that the item(s) will fit in your designated space, and that the item(s) will also make it up or down stairs and through any hallway or doorway needed to the designated placement. Item(s) are not returnable due to failure of proper measurement.

For the smoothest possible delivery, we suggest the following:

1. Remove any potential obstacles between the door and your new furniture’s final placement, such as plants, chairs, accent tables, or throw rugs.

2. Remove any frames or artwork from walls to avoid bumps or scratches. Please confine pets to ensure they won’t be underfoot or escape out open doors.

If you miss your appointment, please contact your delivery team to reschedule. A re-delivery fee will be assessed.