Kristin Drohan's modern luxury furniture collection is simply the best luxury furniture collection online, curated by Kristin, a master interior designer. The sharp attention to detail combined with the premium eco-friendly materials that make up the Kristin Drohan Modern Luxury Collection ultimately means that you can have customized luxury furniture with high-performance fabrics that fit your needs. The Kristin Drohan Collection of modern luxury furniture includes the following categories of furniture pieces that are sure to exceed your expectations:

With such abroad selection of luxury furniture, it can become difficult to choose an appropriate fabric or wood finish. Luckily, for anyone who is interested in fabric swatches or wood finishing samples, Kristin Drohan can provide them for you to ensure your room's paint and style matches the luxury furniture that we construct.

Kristin is also thrilled to partner with interior design professionals to offer a discount on luxury furniture and accessories.

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Anne Day Chaise

$2,296.80 – $2,736.80

Anthony Ottoman

$1,317.80 – $1,647.80
Camellia channel tuft

Camellia Sofa

$3,517.80 – $4,287.80
Charlene Bed - Cotton Velvet Smoke

Charlene Bed

$3,432.00 – $3,685.00
Coco Sofa 82 - Cotton Velvet Smoke

Coco Sofa

$3,465.00 – $4,606.80

Daisy Sofa

$3,750.00 – $4,375.00

Denise Bed

$3,688.00 – $3,988.00

Erin Sofa

$2,988.00 – $3,340.00
Gramercy Bed

Gramercy Bed

$2,398.00 – $2,998.00

Hathaway Banquette

$2,450.00 – $7,750.00

John Canopy Bed

$3,588.00 – $4,188.00
John Four-Poster Bed

John Four Poster Bed

$3,550.00 – $3,950.00

Lynae Tete a Tete

$2,999.00 – $3,499.00