Kristin Drohan, one of America’s most versatile interior designers, offers complete design services and her own furniture line to elite clients throughout the country.


Andrew Tufted


Anne Day Chaise

Augusta Ottoman

Augusta Ottoman

Bronie channel tufted bed

Bronie Bed

Camellia channel tuft

Camellia Sofa

Charlene Bed - Cotton Velvet Smoke

Charlene Bed


Charles Bed


Chip Sectional

Chip Chersterfield 80

Chip Chesterfield

Christopher sofa Banks Slate Velvet

Christopher Sofa


Chuck Chesterfield

Coco Chair

Coco Chair

Coco Sofa 82 - Cotton Velvet Smoke

Coco Sofa


Cupid Chaise


Daisy Sofa


Denise Bed


Destin Bed


Gates Canopy Bed

Gramercy Bed

Gramercy Bed

Grayton bed Driftwood Finish Evere Hopsack Linen King Cal king Queen straight on

Grayton Canopy Bed

Gulf Panel Bed

Gulf Panel Bed

Hamptons Daybed

Hamptons Settee


Hutch Ottoman

James Sofa

James Sofa

Katie Sectional Evere Creme Linen

Katie Sectional

Keegan Sectional Chrom Henry Jute

Keegan Sectional

Keegan Sofa Chrom Granbury Ivory straight on

Keegan Sofa

Keegan Ottoman

Keegan Ottoman

Lois Chaise

Lois Chaise


Lois Sectional

Lois Sofa

Lois Sofa

Loreee Sectional

Loree Sectional


Lynae Tete a Tete

Max Bench

Max Bench

Nantucket Sofa

Nantucket Sofa

Raegan Ottoman

Raegan Ottoman

Raegan Sofa

Raegan Sofa

Raegan Sectional - Performance Crypton Velvet Charcoal

Raegan Sectional


Reed Sofa

Sean Bed

Sean Bed


Seaside Ottoman

Simon Sofa

Simon Sofa

Tux Sofa Powdder velvet

Tux Sofa

Watercolor Bed King Cal King And Queen Canvas Spa straight on

Watercolor Bed

Wilson Sofa

Wilson Sofa and Apartment Sofa

X back chair

X-back Chair


By selling directly to interior designers (fill out the trade application for your discount) and consumers, we are able to provide a luxury product at the lowest cost possible.

Upholstery constructed exactly the same way, would be double the price in a showroom or brick and mortar store where the majority of markup is taken.

Why should you pay so much? Our goal is to bring you the finest custom furniture with the quickest lead times, while passing the savings on to you.