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Christopher Sofa


This designer tufted sofa came out of a need for a mash-up of a skirted tuxedo sofa with some shallow biscuit tufting. This was a request for a design project that turned out so well we added it to the collection. Our Christopher tufted tuxedo sofa can be dressed up, and slipped for a casual look.

Christopher Sofa: 72″ X 36″ X 33″

Seat height: 21″


Christopher Tufted Tuxedo Sofa

As with all pieces from The Kristin Drohan Collection, the Christopher tufted sofa has a solid wood frame made from kiln dried and sustainably forested maple. In keeping with our mission of designing environmentally conscious furniture, the Christopher also features recycled content and is completely hypoallergenic and flame retardant free.

Christopher Chrom Henry Eggshell

Do you know how your sofa was made?

The best furniture is made with the best materials. Maple kiln-dried frames and 8 way hand-tied coils are the foundation of superior upholstery.

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