Crypton sofas from the Kristin Drohan Collection feature premium high-performance Crypton fabric that is highly resistant to stains and is extremely durable. Crypton sofas are a popular choice for homes with children, pets, or any environment that may be at risk for bacteria or stains. Crypton material is free of harmful levels of flame retardant chemicals, heavy metals, skin sensitizers, or other additives that other fabrics may employ to get the same level of performance. As with all of the sofas in the Kristin Drohan Collection, the Crypton sofas that are offered below are fully customizable to adjust to your tastes and decor. Each piece of premium furniture that we create is made-to-order, in the United States, with close attention to detail. Browse our Crypton sofas below and find out why so many satisfied clients opt for this unique fabric for their custom-made furniture.

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Coco Sofa 82 - Cotton Velvet Smoke

Coco Sofa

$3,465.00 – $4,606.80

Daisy Sofa

$3,750.00 – $4,375.00

Erin Sofa

$2,988.00 – $3,340.00