Your bed is arguably the single most important piece of furniture in your home. The centerpiece for your bedroom is where you typically begin and end each day. The Kristin Drohan Collection of luxury beds enables you to start every day waking up in a modern, chic bed that is sure to exceed your expectations. With choices like the popular Gates Tufted Canopy Bed and the cleanly designed Sean Bed, there is a bed that you're sure to enjoy waking up to everyday.

With the Kristin Drohan Collection, you are also able to customize your luxury bed to fit your decor and size needs. Choose your performance fabric in a color that matches your decor perfectly. Fabric swatches are available to help you decide!

If you are in need of a custom sized bed - contact us. Kristin has worked with many individuals who due to their stature, don't find standard beds comfortable. With Kristin Drohan's handcrafted luxury beds, you never have to worry about furniture not fitting you and your lifestyle.

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Bronie channel tufted bed

Bronie Bed

$3,465.00 – $3,795.00
Charlene Bed - Cotton Velvet Smoke

Charlene Bed

$3,432.00 – $3,685.00

Charles Bed

$3,286.80 – $4,350.50

Denise Bed

$3,688.00 – $3,988.00

Destin Bed

$2,988.00 – $3,225.00

Gates Canopy Bed

$4,699.00 – $4,999.00
Grace Bed

Grace Bed

$2,488.00 – $3,688.00
Gramercy Bed

Gramercy Bed

$2,398.00 – $2,998.00
Grayton bed Driftwood Finish Evere Hopsack Linen King Cal king Queen straight on

Grayton Canopy Bed

$4,699.00 – $4,999.00
Gulf Panel Bed

Gulf Panel Bed

$2,650.00 – $2,998.00

John Canopy Bed

$3,588.00 – $4,188.00
John Four-Poster Bed

John Four Poster Bed

$3,550.00 – $3,950.00
Sean Bed

Sean Bed

$3,488.00 – $3,688.00
Swan Bed

Swan Bed

$2,488.00 – $3,798.00
Tribeca Bed

Tribeca Bed

$4,050.00 – $4,398.00
Watercolor Bed King Cal King And Queen Canvas Spa straight on

Watercolor Bed

$2,988.00 – $3,158.00