Farmhouse style, made popular by Joanna Gaines has a laid back, warm homey vibe. Full of charm and character, upholstery in this granny chic manner create a warm, cozy, and relaxing environment.

For modern farmhouse style interiors, opt for pieces that feature clean and simple lines. Sturdy materials (wood and steel), age-worn finishes, streamlined shapes, and textiles bring this lived-in rustic look home. Breezy, low-maintenance fabrics, like linen and cotton, lend softness and a relaxed feel on seating,

To give the look a more modern twist, you’ll want to infuse another layer of comfort into the space. Think about balancing out the natural materials in the room with things like plush sofas, comfy accent chairs, and cushioned bar stools. You can also enhance the feeling of the room by layering items like throw pillows and blankets into your design.

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