Is there anything more satisfying than stretching out on a designer sofa for a well-earned nap? Perhaps snuggling up with your partner on that same sofa, or gathering with your friends and family for good times, good food and good wine. As the centerpiece of your living room or lounge, your sofa serves as a comfortable gathering space, a catalyst for intimate moments, and a testament to your unique design philosophy.

Doesn't it make sense, then, that you be able to order this all-important piece exactly how you want it?

That belief serves as the basis for Kristin Drohan's designer sofa collection, as every style of sofa we offer can be customized to fit your exact needs and style. Choose from our wide variety of fabrics and finishes to make your new piece a perfect fit for your space; some models even offer a choice of nailhead for ultimate flexibility. You can even order your sofa in a custom size or have it covered with a fabric of your own.

Buying from Kristin Drohan, though, doesn't just mean getting a sofa that looks good; every one of our pieces boasts handcrafted construction and comes with a lifetime guarantee on frames and springs. What's more, the materials we use in that construction - everything from forested, kiln-dried maple to chemical-free fabrics - are all sustainably sourced, chemical-free, and rigorously tested to ensure that they're as durable as they are environmentally friendly. There are reasons to feel great about buying a Kristin Drohan sofa that go beyond how good it looks in your home.

Interested in remodeling a room, or simply looking for the perfect piece to tie your existing space together? Kristin Drohan offers designer sofas in a stunning variety of models to ensure that at least one will have the exact style you're looking for.

Those interested in an engaging conversation piece, for example, may be interested in our Lynae Tete a Tete. The unique construction of this sofa makes it a perfect lounging spot at cocktail parties and an equally perfect spot to spark a little intimacy once your guests have gone home.

Those interested in something a little more classic will find much to love in our Chip Chesterfield sofa. Kristin Drohan took the stately elegance of a Chesterfield and added beautiful modern details that make it a perfect designer sofa for any space.

If your home houses a large family - or if you entertain on a regular basis - you may instead wish to go with the modality and flexibility offered by one of our chic, designer sofas. The two-piece Keegan Sectional, for example, came about through a collaboration with one of our interior designers. The result is a dynamic and flexible piece that can be customized to fit your space and your tastes. Most importantly, it's incredibly comfortable to sit in.

Many designers can offer you a sofa that'll be pretty to look at, but only Kristin Drohan can boast the unmatched combination of style, flexibility, eco-friendliness and comfort that we offer to each and every one of our customers.

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