The election is over and I am no way going to blog about politics. One thing I’m very patriotic and passionate about, is purchasing domestic goods. In my design and furniture businesses I try to source goods made in America as often as possible. I am not going to lie, when it comes to some catagories it is extremely difficult. If I could find some fabulous chandeliers that don’t cost as much as a car made domestically, we’d be in business. Where I find it most challenging is outside my industry. Finding clothes that are not imports is very difficult. I try (the operative word is “try”) to walk the talk and purchase as many things as possible made in the US. Kids clothes are almost impossible. Clothing for myself and my husband brings some options. I am going to share my personal market research with you when it comes to some women’s lines that are made in the US. I don’t profess to be a fashion blogger, this is a bit outside my wheel house, but I thought I’d share my experience. Here are my favs. The first is David Meister. I love his dresses. They are incredibly flattering and sizing is consistent.

Another designer line I found at Nordstrom (my “go to” shopping destination) is Milly.
Again, very flattering silhouettes. Okay, you are gonna needs Spanx for the second one.
Nicole Miller fabricates most of her line in the US. (BTW I did not cut that model’s head off . That is a disturbing way to present a dress.)
I have also recently discovered another line via Nordstrom called Black Halo. It is a funky line that I really like.
These all have pretty similar price points, which are a little on the pricey side, but they do go on sale. If you haven’t heard of, that is a great place to buy discounted designer goods. They compile all the brands from all of the stores and you can shop by brand and price. It is a one stop sale resource. Here is a another little tip. Nordstrom, offers personal shopping for FREE. You just call their personal stylist dept at your local store to set up an appt. They will find out what your needs are and when you show up, they have it pulled and waiting in a fitting room for you. While you are trying stuff on, they will get you additional sizes, pull more, etc. When you develop a relationship with one stylist, they start to understand what works for you, and the process becomes more efficient. Well, that is all my fashion knowledge in one short blog post. Please share if you have other brands made in the good ol US of A.