New Product Reviews

New Product Introductions I'd Like To Use In Design Projects In 2013

I'm just finally recovering from the holidays and embracing the New Year.  What a crazy December.  We had an insane amount of furniture orders that…

The Reveal Kitchen Before and After

I still have a couple little tweaks but for the most part the kitchen is done.  We are loving the new island already.  Here is what we‚Ķ

My Favorite New Furniture Pieces

We have a lot of new pieces at the Kristin Drohan Collection that I wanted to share with you. Chuck Chesterfield Chaz Chesterfield

The Wacky, Wild and Wonderful of High Point Spring 2012

I'm just returning from High Point market and had a nice time.  It was relaxing and fun.  I think it was the first time my friend,‚Ķ

One Kings Lane and Kristin Drohan Collection Sale Starts tom at 11 am

The culmination of seven months of work comes to fruition.  I'm very excited for tomorrow's sale at 11am.  It ends on Tuesday‚Ķ

Twelve Chairs Boston to Launch Kristin Drohan Collection

I'm very to excited to announce that this fabulous store and interior design studio, Twleve Chairs Boston will be carrying the Kristin‚Ķ

Pantone Color of the 2011: Honeysuckle

Pantone has named Honeysuckle the color for 2011.  Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director for Pantone cites the need for something uplifting as‚Ķ

High Point Update Sping 2010

I'm back after a long week launching my furniture line at High Point market while trying to still be a buyer and shop my current accounts.‚Ķ