What will we see in 2019 in the way of upholstery trends?

I always prefer to invest in quality, timeless classic upholstery pieces, but that can be done in an updated way that incorporates these 2019 Trends.

1. What finishes will we be seeing in 2019?

Although the gray finishes have been very popular in 2018, we are seeing a return to brown finishes. They are more modern with gray undertones unlike the red and orange tones of the past.

2. Classic frames are still very popular, but we are also seeing curvy furniture.

The Lawson style ,like our Keegan sofa, has a track arm rather than a rolled arm. It can be used in just about any style genre.

Keegan Sofa, classic track arm sofa
Keegan Sofa, Kristin Drohan Collection

Mid-Century Modern curves are also going to be very big going forward like our new Sur Sofa.

Splayed thin legs on just about any piece give it immediate sleek sophistication.

Sur Sofa, Mid-century Modern curves
Sur Sofa, Kristin Drohan Collection

3. The use of metal is huge right now. Paired with fluffy hides (end of lifecycle… of course), leather, velvet or an interesting COM (Customer’s Own Material), creates a look that is updated, but not too trendy.

Our Max Bench, Times Square Chair and Brooklyn Chair epitomizes stylish furniture with these luxury components.

Even though we offer Gold, Silver and Black metal finishes, Gold finishes are still the most popular.

Velvet and metal bench, Max Bench
Max Bench, Kristin Drohan Collection
Brooklyn Chair, fluffy hide metal chair
Brooklyn Chair, Kristin Drohan Collection
Times Square Chair, leather chair, leather and metal chair
Times Square Chair, Kristin Drohan Collection

4. Details, like decorative stitching and Channel tufting are also back in a big way. Top stitching, flange welts, and wide trims are making their way into 2019 upholstery trends.

Our Bronie upholstered bed, Capital day chaise, and our Camellia designer sofa, and Christopher skirted sofa are examples of interior décor furniture capturing those elements.

Bronie channel-tufted upholstered bed
Bronie Bed, Kristin Drohan Collection
Capital day chaise, Kristin Drohan Collection
Capital day chaise, Kristin Drohan Collection
Camellia Sofa, Kristin Drohan Collection
Camellia Sofa, Kristin Drohan Collection
Christopher Sofa, Kristin Drohan Collection
Christopher Sofa, Kristin Drohan Collection

5. Cozy panel beds that envelope you with warmth are also going to be strong sellers for 2019.

We’ve added our Tribeca bed, Swan bed with a high footboard, and the Destin upholstered bed to illustrate this trend.

This womb-like design feels nurturing and protective, which is something that feels needed in our current environmental state.

Tribeca Bed, luxury panel bed
Tribeca Bed, Kristin Drohan Collection
Swan Bed, panel bed, luxury bed
Swan Bed, Kristin Drohan Collection
Destin Bed, Kristin Drohan Collection
Destin Bed, Kristin Drohan Collection

6. Fabric trends are very interesting. Performance fabrics like Crypton, Revolution, Eco Faux leathers, and Sunbrella are simply huge.

These performance fabrics look, feel and perform so much better than the first gen versions. You can’t tell the difference between a bed upholstered in eco- friendly faux leather or real leather. Why not choose the more environmentally friendly and economic option? Look at our Charles Chesterfield upholstered bed and tell me that’s faux? Well it is. It looks fantastic. We aren’t saying that leather is a negative because we are seeing an uptick in its use. We just really like the green option, which is also hypoallergenic.

Charles Burgundy Vinyl
Charles Bed, Kristin Drohan Collection

Did you know there is Crypton Velvet? Can we get a Yaaaas?! This is one of our favorite fabrics trending right now. This Nantucket sofa is upholstered in Normandy Blue Crypton velvet. The Camellia Channel tufted sofa above, is in Ivory Crypton linen. A perfect way to have light upholstery without the worry.

Nantucket Sofa, Normandy Blue Crypton velvet
Nantucket Sofa in Normandy Blue Crypton velvet, Kristin Drohan Collection

Blue, gray and off white are still very popular color trends in 2019. We are also seeing pink blush, like this Anthony ottoman.

Anthony Ottoman, blush pink
Anthony Ottoman, blush pink

Trends in fabrics for 2019

7. Authenticity of craftsmanship is a huge trend and my personal favorite movement. Telling the complete and real story of artisan fabricated  furniture will be a popular story this year.

We are all craving truthfulness. I have witnessed a lot of faux fabrication details on many new upstarts’ websites. Some have had articles written about them in Fast Company and other industry news. I hope everyone writing stories, influencing brands, and promoting goods will do some vetting prior to publishing. We will offer our Luxury construction and a value proposition to our clients and will do so with illustration and complete transparency.

Luxury Construction, Kristin Drohan Collection
Luxury Construction, Kristin Drohan Collection
Plush Construction- Kristin Drohan Collection
Plush Construction, Kristin Drohan Collection

8. Last but not least, and one of our specialties, is the desire for clients to have custom-made goods. We love collaborating with our clients on custom items. We are seeing a return to unique, one-of-kind designs that are the antithesis of the Restoration Hardware look. Look at some of the hand crafted goods we’ve created recently.

The possibilities are limitless. What will you create this year?