Brooklyn Chair


If you are looking for a funky designer chair that has some serious personality, look no further. The Brooklyn Chair is created with a unique design that grabs the attention of guests to your office or home. Suitable for use as an office desk chair, the Brooklyn features end of life cycle alpaca fur hide, making it incredibly soft and comfortable to sit in.

Customize your own Brooklyn Chair with the options below and Kristin’s master craftsmen will create a personalized chair that you can proudly display.

Brooklyn Chair: 30.75″ x 41.75″ x 40″

Seat height 20″ and arm height 23.5″


Brooklyn Chair

When looking for a really cool office desk chairs or funky designer chairs this should be at the top of your list. Upholstered in an end of life cycle alpaca fur hide, this could not be more cozy and soft.