I'm just returning from High Point market and had a nice time.  It was relaxing and fun.  I think it was the first time my friend, Paula Grace and I dropped some cash on items for ourselves. We are always buying for our clients and things we see for ourselves we usually ponder before pulling the trigger.  Market was interesting.  Here is my report.  After seeing the "Restoration Hardware look" for the last couple years, we saw the return of bling.  I mean wild bedazzled bling.


And this

Bling 2

Pillows, headboards, chairs, tables etc were encrusted with crystals. I don't know what I think of it. A pillow is one thing, but the rest is so…Liberace.  That wasn't the only embellishment on furniture. Nail head, chain link, and wheels were all the rage too.  Interestingly enough, there wasn't a really predominant color as there has been in the past. There was a lot of Blue, but in various shades.  It was all about bright color. Orange, yellow, green, pink and even a smattering of red. Especially in custom lamps.  We all agreed, the "find" at market was a custom, made in the USA lamp program.  We can pick the lamp base style, choose the color, finish, and shade and then have it fabricated to order.  The best part was the excellent price point.

My daughter had put in a request for a rug that is like a Flokati or Mongolian lambswool for her bedroom.  This is what I found.  It is so wacky.  I haven't purchased it…yet. I'm not 100 percent sold even though she loves it. (Paula wanted me to pose on it).  It was sooo soft.  Don't freak out.  It is an "end of lifecycle" hide.  No animals were killed for the hide. 

Allie rug

Sometimes it is the little things that are wonderful.  Like these from Barbara Cosgrove.  The hook is so clever.

Barbara cosgrove hooks

Love these leather handled trays and the horn and wood dominoes.


That leaves me to my purchaces.  My first purchase was a chandy for my entryway from Halo Stylesthat I will be waiting 4 months to receive since it is custom. I figure what is 4 more months, I've been looking for something for almost a year. This is what it will look like only in polished nickel. It is 43" in diameter. Wildly huge. 

 Chandy Halo Styles

  At Phillips Collection, I purchased this barracuda (the top one) for my son's room.  It is over 4 ft long and it is so cool. It follows the curve of his bed perfectly and is right up his alley.  


His bed from The Kristin Drohan Collection:


John Upholstered Bed Queen

 Last but not least is an outdoor sofa from LLoyd Flanders.  I actually don't love this sofa but I needed a reasonably priced, high quality sofa, that I could customize in color and fabric and this fit the bill.  Mine will be in an ebony loom color with caramel Sunbrella.

Lloyd sofa
Well that about wraps it up.  If you were at Market, what did you find?  

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