Well the packers are here and the move has officially begun. 


Moving 1

Movong 2

Moving 3

I'm still trying to finish up some work amongst the rising chaos around me.  It is a bit depressing.  My emotions are all over the place.  One minute I'm excited, the next overwhelmed and pissed, and now I'm bawling because I just finished reading my dear friend Paula Grace's Blog http://www.paulagracedesigns.blogspot.com/.  If she saw my studio and house right now she'd be bawling too.  Paula and I met while working on the Loudoun Arts Council Designer Showhouse three years ago.  She had the the plum (as in the best not the color) library on the first floor and I had what used to be the maid's quarters on the second floor at the end of the hall that became the young man's room.  After that we became great friends and colleagues.  As I've mentioned before, we've traveled together to High Point Market many a time. We have had our fun but we do work our butts off too (and Miss Paula doesn't have much of one to begin with).  We always vow to make more of the "party" scene but it never quite materializes.  We close down the showrooms, not the party tents every night we are there.  Let me tell you, we are organized too.  If you saw the Excel color coded sheet Paula does, you'd be impressed.  She actually let me do it the last time but still added special color coding to denote her showrooms that weren't on my list.  We should really video the process when we go this October for a future video blog.  We'll leave out the final day at 5 pm when we (or I, if Paula is still working she won't have a sip) allow ourselves a cocktail and are still racing to squeeze in a few more stops.  I'll be honest, after half a glass of sangria at Eastern Accents (this showroom serves the best sangria at 4 pm everyday at market, and they won't divulgege the recipe)  I can get a little sassy. Fortunately, these good times won't end.  Paula, Karen (another talented designer friend, I've mentioned before) and I will be going to Market in October and Hickory Chair University this November.  However, I will have to get my own wallpaper books and cowhide catalog and Paula's gonna have to get her own carpet and silk samples.  We won't be able to borrow from each others studios but we will still be conferring with each other.  Our client's actually have the added benefit of a team of designers working on their projects when we go to market together.   Opinionated designers like to weigh in.  Since we have such trust, the opinions are welcome.  I need to stop blogging now and get some work done.  Thank you, Paula for the tribute.  I will miss you too!

PS Love the pillow!!! To check it out,  hop over to her blog

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