Sorry for the lack of recent posts.  I've been swamped with a couple new projects.  When I'm in the beginning stages of a project, I have a hard time doing anything else until I have the last detail specified.  I dream about it, obsess over it, and I can't focus on much else.  Thank goodness it only lasts for a few days.  I'd pretty much stink at mothering and wifeing if I was like this all the time. 

What happens after I hone in our a client's style profile?  The next step is to put the room dimensions and architectural elements into a scaled space plan.   I use a 1/4 in equals one Ft. scale in my computer program.  Many have asked what program I use.  I use Minutes Matter instead of Auto Cad because, it is simply prettier.  I can put the exact fabric I'm specifying on the curtains, pillows, and upholstery.  I have found it to be a valuable visual.  With many of my clients in other states, this is a way I can communicate exact specifications to them.   If I'm having something custom built, I use Auto Cad for that.  Most contractors prefer to use Auto Cad drawings when they are constructing something.  We don't need pretty for that.  This is what a space plan would look like.

Space plan for blog
Much prettier than black and white, yes?  I can even put the exact rug in the plan.  In this case, it is a simple sisal rug.  The white square in the right hand corner is where I put details and pricing.   I can either print it with the grid lines or not.  I usually don't print them but to show you I thought this might be helpful.  BTW, this was for a client who is  Transitional Casual Coastal.  They have a newly constructed home with craftsmen details located in New England.   I can't wait to transform this space.  It is going to be an awesome Before and After.   If you were my client would you prefer a colored space plan?  Grid lines or not? I'll be joining both Met Monday at BNOTP and Blue Monday at Smiling Sals.  Make sure you check them out.