The other day, I finally received some Angora hides I'd ordered at the fall High Point market.  I initially intended to use them for my Christmas tree skirt.  Clearly, they did not make it in time for that. 
Angora hide 
I have three of them now.  They look a little like "Cousin It" but they are sooo soft. The source I utilize to obtain my hides uses end-of-life cycle hides.  That means that they are intended for use as a food source or they are animals that have died through natural causes.   It is a responsible and eco-friendly use for these hides which would otherwise be headed for a landfill.  This company also uses a more eco-friendly tanning process and is trying to develop a reduced chromium procedure. I love these funky things but now I don't know what do to with them.  Any thoughts? I love the use of hides in decor.  They are super durable, feel awesome on your feet, and give a room great texture.  The use of hides dates back to ancient civilization when the use was a practical measure of meeting basic food, shelter, and clothing needs.  Zebra rugs were standard in the 1930's Art Deco movement (one of my favs).  However, those were the real Zebra hide.  I prefer a stenciled cow hide.  The African Market people (they sell the real Zebras at High Point) tell us that Zebra's need to be culled like deer which is why they sell them.  I don't buy it.  Am I a hypocrite?  I can handle a cow but there is something about the real zebra with the beautiful mane that I can't be okay with.  Some people feel the same about the cow though. 
Here are some of my favorite hide uses:
Miles Redd 4
The doors in Miles Redd Apt.  I love this in a totally warped obsessive way.

 Cowhide ottomans with a zebra stencil
Ivory cow hide in the bedroom.

Cowhide pillow
Black and White cowhide rug. 
Hide chairs composite
Hide chairs.
I know this isn't for everyone, but it could be.  Some of my husband's peers find this to be waayyyyy out there.  HA!  Oh well, do you like?  Do you have any creative ideas for my Angora hides?  I'll be attending Paula Grace's Timeless Tuesday party tomorrow, so make sure you join us.