Okay, so long time no post.  What can I tell ya.  I took a little sabbatical.  Not at Cirque Lodge or anything.  I was on vacay and I'm spending time with my kids.  I've found that all work and no play makes me, dull, pissy, and no fun.  I'm working on balancing work and life.  Recently, I started working on  a whole house update for an eco friendly client.  My research for this project has uncovered some cool stuff, so I thought I'd share.  Part of the project includes updating the kitchen and three baths.  That means cabinets, flooring, tile, counters, fixtures etc.  My cabinet company of choice is Wood Mode.  Most of my clients lean more traditional, so bamboo or some of the other eco options just don't work atheistically.  The great thing about Wood Mode is that they are ESP ( Environmental Stewardship Program) certified.  They use sustainably forested wood and a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer which virtually eliminates VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the finishing process.  That means when cabinetry is installed, there won't be any off gassing to effect the indoor air quality.  

Blog post Eco Kitchen and Bath Smaller
Here is the product design board.  I have blogged about ECO by Consentino before.  This is a countertop material made from 75% post industrial and consumer waste.  It is heat resistant, doesn't need to be sealed, and doesn't scratch or stain.  Some of my favorite color ways are featured above.  Priced similiar to granite, it comes in 10 1/2 ft slabs, which eliminates the need for seams when installed. What more could you want?  I've also included WaterSense faucets for both the kitchen and bath.  This is an EPA designation that reduces water usage by 20% but does not sacrifice performance.  Lastly, I have featured Forecast Lighting's Organic Modern grasscloth pendants and Ben Moore's Aura paint.  Aura is low VOC not zero VOC which is their Natura line.  Even though Aura is a bit pricier, my contractors think it has superior performance.  There you have it…My client's Coastal Inspired Eco Friendly Kitchen and Baths.  I'll keep you posted on our progress.