I'm feeling some big time guilt today. Tomorrow, my Grandma turns 100.  With our move this summer I simply could not get back to Iowa for this occasion.  I feel really kind of sick about it.  Last year my brother, sister in law,  and my family all flew in and we had a party for her 99th birthday at her nursing home.  She is in a state-of-the-art memory unit in Boone, IA.  ( I know, who'd of thunk Boone, IA would have state-of-the-art anything).  She doesn't do too bad physically but really struggles with her memory.  When we visit she doesn't know who we are specifically but knows we are her family.  So in this post I will honor her by showing you pictures of all the special things I have in my home that were once hers.


Last year my Mom brought me this box of silver pieces (some of it is plated) that were from my Grandma.  None of it had been polished in a long time and I had no idea what to do with it.  At first, I really didn't want it.  The thought of polishing all that stuff was not appealing.  Really, there are very few household jobs worse than polishing silver.  So I sucked it up one day and started working on it.  It took the entire day and about 100 flipping cloths but I got it done.  Okay, I cheated a bit and paid my cleaning woman to do one tea set.  I'd like to curse, swear, cuss right here to emphasize how much this job stunk.  In the end, it was worth the blood, sweat, and swearing. I put it all in my china cabinet and here was the the end result.  It is my favorite display in my house. 



In addition to all the china my Mother also brought me all my Grandma's linens. She had  napkins in just about every color of the rainbow.  Again, I'm thinking what in the *&&*@* am I going to do with this stuff.  They'd been ironed and starched to a meticulous crispness I didn't think I could ever replicate if used.  My Grandma was one of those who used to iron her underwear.  Well this apple fell an orchard away from that tree.  I've tried to replicate the starched napkins and have failed.  As you can see in the picture the first two rows are hers and the orange mine.  Notice the pathetic difference. 


I also have some great chairs from her that I had reupholstered.  Here they are.


The Chippendale Wing 


The Black Velvet Berg-ere


The Camel Back Fauteuil


I just love these chairs.  The wing back is my husband's "official chair".  BYW if you want to know approximately how you say fauteuil, which means chair in French.  My little French instructor at Les Arts Decoratifs tried very hard to get me to pronounce it correctly.  It is like FAH toy.  With a French accent of course.  I truly stink to high heaven at French.  Spanish was my minor in college. I can trill an "r' like nobody's business but French is just a complete anomaly to me.   I digress.  So, even though I won't be there physically to celebrate with my Grandma, I'll be there in spirit.  I always have her things around me as a constant reminder.  Happy 100th Lois Disney!! We love you!


Four Generations August 2008


Great Grandma's 99th Birthday

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