I need to interrupt highlights from High Point with a very important announcement.  For those of you who may not know, my husband is in the Air Force.  It is now official.  We are being moved for the 8th time in my 16-yr marriage to Boston this summer.  For the past 4 years he has been stationed at the Pentagon and we have lived in Northern Va. I'm going to have to break out my latest invention(patent pending) seen below.




This is what I call my beloved grapefruit martini IV.  I use it when life (or the Air force) throws me a curve ball like this one.  I concocted it when simply drinking them wasn’t gaining the proper effect and I realized I needed a more direct delivery system.  They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  Well, I think the Air Force should stop testing that theory on me.  The truth of the matter is we could use a change but I really hate moving.  Reestablishing my business in Boston makes me almost physically sick.  I know how to do this but it pains to think about what the next few months are going to be like.  So, here are my lists of what I’ll miss in Northern VA and what I’m looking forward to in Boston.

What I’ll Miss

  1. My fabulous clients (okay, I’m getting teary)
  2. My children's teachers, administrators, and coaches (the best)
  3. My fellow designer friends, workout buddies, and the Hathaways
  4. My sub contractors that have helped make my business a success
  5. Nikki, our awesome babysitter
  6. Not needing my GPS
  7. Nordstrom Rack, Wegmans, and Target all with in 10 minutes from my house
  8. Marlene (she cleans my house and has never been late or missed a cleaning day in four yrs)
  9. Walk in closets and tall ceilings
  10. Washington DC ( I love this city

  • What I Won't Miss

    1.      My husband’s Pentagon job (hideous long hours and very stressful)

    2.      My husband’s commute

    3.      The apparent lack of turn signals on every Northern VA car

    4.      $4 toll charges to drive a half mile

    5.      Snow panic

    6.      7:50 am  school start

    7.      Tiny yards

    8.      Schlepping the children by myself (Jack’s job makes it impossible for him to get home in time to assist)

    9.      Never having a lunch date with my hubby 

    10.  Eating dinner at 7:30

    Stay tuned for our house hunting adventures and the grapefruit martini recipe………….

    Disclaimer:  This website in no way endorses the use of alcohol as a coping mechanism.  Alcholism is a serious disease that should be treated by a professional.