We have finally arrived in Concord. We moved out of the hotel last Thursday, got our internet working this weekend, and Jack(my hubby) and I haven't killed each other.  These are all huge achievements.  We've had a lot of "adventures" the past two weeks.  They don't surpass the last move from FL to VA,  when we were outrunning a hurricane and our car blew up on the side on the road in AL(where we ended up leaving it) but it has been … interesting.  Where to start.  Lets start with the positive. This town is too stinking cute for words.  I've run around the hood taking pics to  post. When we were house hunting, I was too stressed to notice the place.  The "downtown" area is called, Historic Concord Center and it is right on Main St about 3/4 of a mile from my house. 









Look at my neighbor's houses…






I'm dying to get in those shops, but I've been busy making my way through 250 boxes and trying to make our house habitable.  So the challenges… Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole comes to mind.  There is nothing like going from new construction to a house built in 1890.  Although the house has been completely renovated and a large addition has been added, it has been a test of my decorating skills to make our stuff work in this house.  The unfinished carriage house over the garage now warehouses a few rooms full of furniture that didn't fit.  All of the stuff on the second floor had to be hoisted through the balcony off the master bedroom. The trundle daybed I designed and had custom made was to go in my son's room. It couldn't  make the turn in the hallway.  So, my child has no place to sleep and the piece of furniture I have the biggest investment in, is being stored.  I didn't even cry.  I was rendered speechless, but no tears.  Only one bookcase from my studio fit into the new space, so off to IKEA we went for a new desk and bookcases. The 42 inch TV didn't fit in the 40 inch family room built in cabinet.  So, off to Best Buy for a new TV.  When I tell you stuff didn't fit by one or two inches, I'm not kidding. We then needed to take a trip to the ER to stop the hemorrhaging money.  Thank goodness the hospital is right across the street.  Think I'll investigate what floor the psych ward is on so I can just walk over and check myself right in. Just in case.  I won't even comment on fire alarms being set off by a burning candle, predatory mosquitoes, and doing laundry in the unfinished basement of a 120 yr old house. So here's how you know you aren't in No Va anymore:

* There are no fast food joints except Dunkin Doughnuts conveniently located anywhere close

* Nobody delivers food to your house.. Seriously, are you flipping kidding me?!!

* They laugh at you when you ask not to have MSG in your Chinese food

* They don't drag you out of your car and beat you senseless when you pull out of your driveway and block traffic

* The local pizza joint doesn't take credit cards

* My hubby shows up for lunch at home and nothing is wrong.  He is only 10 minutes away from work

Its all good and nothing a martini can't make better. I do have lots of stuff to post.  I have the pictures back from the Arlington shoot and I can't wait to post the before and afters.  I still have some cool eco friendly stuff to blog about and I can't wait to show you this house.  Even though it has been a challenge, this might be my best work yet. So my posts might be a little spotty until we're settled but I'll try and do a couple a week. So stay tuned and please post your comments. Gotta get back to the boxes!



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