This week I did a seminar with Gail Doby, the owner of Design Success University. 

DSU Announcement 
I have to tell you I'm overwhelmed with all the people who have emailed, and Face-booked messaged me with wonderful feedback.  I want to tell y'all Thank you, thank you, thank you! Of course I want to also thank Gail too.  She provides a much needed service to our industry, and I know those of you who have utilized DSU have experienced the positive results in your business.  When I listened back to the recording, I was soo nervous to hear myself.  I really wanted to be helpful without sounding like an idiot.  With the exception of saying "absolutely" a few thousand too many times, I think I did okay.  My husband said we should  play a drinking game. Every time I said "absolutely" everyone takes a drink.  Unfortunately, everyone would be plastered in that hour.  I'm working on some additional words to add to my vocabulary.  Again, thanks to everyone who personally reached out to me.  I meant what I said in the seminar.  I think it is imperative for us to be helpful in this business.  I hope to meet y'all in person one day.  If you missed the call and would to purchase the recording, DSU has it available for $47.  Here is the link

Well, I'm headed off to Brimfield tomorrow.  It is the biggest antique market in the world, with over 6000 exihitors.   I'm sooo excited.  I have been trying to go for the two years I've lived in New England and it never works out.  It looks like it won't be raining either.  Yeah! Thanks again everyone, and keep in touch.