Okay, really long time, no blog and even longer for a FAF post.  I got an email from a man whose wife is in the hospital and he wanted to surprise her with a mini master bedroom makeover when she comes home.  He said he was completely clueless (his word) and really needed some help.  I don't know why she is in the hospital.  He didn't offer, so I didn't ask. I know it is shocking that "Nosy Nellie" didn't go there, but occasionally I know when to shut it.  I said occasionally.  Definitely not, when I'm playing tennis.  I'm a total sucker for a story like that. He didn't give me a budget so I tried to be prudent.  Everything in the "after" is from Macy's, Target, Pier One etc.  It really isn't quite a "mini" makeover either but it can always be implemented in stages. Once I started, I had a hard time stopping.  I'm also having fun playing with my new Minutes Matter software additions. 



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Bedding is from Macys, lamps from Target, Night stands Pier One, and art from Art.com.