Gorgeous & Green: Sustainable Furniture from Kristin Drohan

Last week, interior designer Kristin Drohan traveled from Atlanta to Boston to debut her new sustainable furniture line. But that wasn’t the longest trip — a 1920s factory showed up as the frame of charming canopy bed. At the collection’s debut at Twelve Chairs, Kristin shared a bit about the construction, design, and inspiration.

In her capacity as an interior designer, Kristin noticed an lack of eco-friendly furniture that was durable enough for active families and wasn’t of an ultra-modern aesthetic. Her chic silhouettes paired with sturdy construction and green materials fill a void in the industry.

Made in the USA, the pieces are customizable, from fabric to stain to cushion type. Any frame can be created with either sustainably-milled red maple or lumber salvaged from century-old warehouses. The John Bed above was a North Carolina hosiery mill that opened in the 1920s! She’ll even work with you to build a completely unique piece to your specs.

As someone who isn’t well-versed the intricacies of furniture construction, it was fascinating and educational to hear Kristin speak to the level of quality and detail they put into the designs. What I do know is style and comfort, and the collection has plenty of both.

Learn more about the Kristin Drohan Collection online, or visit in person at Twelve Chairs.

(Images: Tara Bellucci)

Posted via Apartment Therapy