It is baaaaacckkk!  Did you watch?   So, I stayed up late, taped Army Wives, and watched Design Star.  For those of who that don't watch, Design Star is HGTV's contest looking for the next design talent to be featured on their own HGTV show.  We can't confused this with Bravo TV's Top Design.  They are two different animals.  Top Design is a competition for the best design talent without the added TV personality part.  They get money as a prize, not a show. 

The good, bad, and ugly last night. 

Lets start with the good.  The first challenge was taking the White box bedroom and designing it for a previously assigned fellow contestant.  Here is what they were given.

Design star
They were also given a $500 to use at an Asian market in NYC for anything else they wanted to use in the room.  I'm glad they started off with an individual challenge.  In addition, they were each given a contractor.  Yeah!! for that.  Being able to use power tools does not necessarily mean you will get a good designer or TV personality. 

The bad: 

Okay, I know I'm playing MMQ, and heaven knows, there is no way in "h, e" double hockey sticks I'd even try out for a show like this.  However, I try to play along, as if I am on the show.  My first thought is only one, only ONE contestant changed the space plan.  No one thought to use the twin bed as a daybed or chaise.  Overall, I thought the results were a little dismal.  The freaking asian market did not help.  Yuck! Am I crazy, the winning room was not good.  I thought Tera's room was nice, I like that John changed the space plan, but Nina's room was not my fav.  I did not like the umbrellas on the wall as art.  I don't get the judges decision at all.  I do not think it was a unanimous decision.  I get the feeling that it wasn't Candace's first choice. 

The ugly:

Lot to choose from here, but I do think they appropriately dismissed the worst design.  There is a lesson here people.  Leave the faux finishes to those who have studied this art and are experts.  Faux takes much longer to properly execute than a contestant is given on this show.  Furthermore, using only paint for the technique spells disaster.  If you are at all versed in faux, it takes proper product, sometimes very laborious application, and skill. 

Design star 2

Need I say more?  I will give her credit, she was gracious in defeat and walked away in some fabulous boots with her head held high.  What did you think?  I'm joining Paula Grace today, hop over to see some more great posts.