I hope everyone had a great Father's Day.  We finally had a down day in our house.  The last couple weeks have been…unreal, but this Saturday was epic.  In the last two weeks I have had furniture that was to be delivered to a client in VA end up in MA.  Furniture that was supposed to be in MA end up in NC.  Fabric vendors out of stock in every sample I  specified, and my business credit card being compromised, forcing me to close the account.  As if those crap sandwiches weren't enough, Sat was a full buffet.  I was forced to get the martini IV out.  I was too tired to stay up for Design Star last night.   I've DVR'd it and will watch tonight.

Before I tell you the story, let me preface this by telling you how furniture is transported in our business.  Almost all the furniture fabricators I use are in MA, VA , and NC.  When you buy directly from a manufacturer, the item is shipped in a semi tractor trailer by a company that specializes in transporting furniture.  You don't just throw it on a UPS truck.  The semi's are too big to make residential deliveries so it comes to a local receiving depot. A smaller truck then makes the delivery to my client's home.  I have projects up and down the East coast, so I have a national account with a very reputable company.  If you have ever ordered furniture from a catalog, it is most likely this company that delivered to your home. 

Saturday, I had four installs and deliveries.  The first delivery, was for a project I am doing gratis at the Air Force Base.  I have helped them with the design and have donated furnishings for their Heritage room.  Prior to this delivery, we made arrangements to get the delivery company on base with my husband as a sponsor. At the gate, they inspect the truck and run their drivers' licenses.  My husband was in his car as escort.  The gate check was taking a long time, when the Military police rolled up.  They came over to my husband and told him they had a situation with one of the guys in the truck.  Apparently, the assistant had a warrant for his arrest and they were getting him out of his truck.  My husband called me, at this point we don't know if he is a felon, or what.  At a military base it always looks scary because the police are in camo and have weapons strapped to them.   I'm coming completely unhinged for many reasons.  I think my husband is in trouble, I have 40K in furniture on this truck, and holy crap (Okay, it wasn't crap but I'm trying to be family friendly) there is a mass murderer (at this point he was a mass murderer in my mind, grand larceny at best) trying to delivery my client's stuff.  Long story short.  The local police show up and haul the assistant off to the pokey. They did let my husband and the driver make the delivery, but we still didn't know what this guy had done.  At this point, I'm on the phone with someone in charge at the depot, trying hard not to speak in tongues, looking for some sort of solution.   I have three more installs, one guy to make deliveries, and at this point, a mass murderer in jail.  Long story short.  The guy had a false statement and a warrant was issued, unbeknownst to him.  The company did send another guy to help the driver finish the deliveries.  We did get everything installed and in between projects, the driver was able to spring the assistant from jail.  I'm pretty sure this will go down in Interior Design history.  I don't ever want another day like that.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a CEO to get on the phone.

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