A reader writes:


Hi Kristin,
I'm redoing my bedroom & bath. Both Bedroom & bath have high ceilings. I wanted to know should I paint the rooms the same color or use two different colors. I'm not sure what the popular colors are now.
I did have wallpaper and paint together but am tired of that.
Can you help me?
Here are the pictures of her space.
I get asked this question a lot.  People make paint so difficult and it is always the place they want to start.  I think it is very hard to choose a paint color first.  Instead, pick art, fabric, or a rug first.  My suggestion is to start with the bedding.  Find something you really like, and pull a color from it.  I have a couple paint tips based on these pics. Notice that she has slanted walls and a dormer.  Make sure you paint the slants, the wall color.  It is a pet peeve when those are left the ceiling color, especially if the ceiling is White.  Speaking of the ceilings, take 10 to 25 percent of the wall color and have it mixed into a flat White for the ceiling color.  Don't leave it White.  A little while ago I did a post on my favorite paint colors.  You can read that here.   You can paint the bathroom the same color or pick a coordinating color from the bedding.   I usually change the paint in the bath from the bedroom.  For example, if your bedding was Carmel, Butter, and Kiwi ( colors the reader said she liked).  You could do the bedroom walls Carmel and the maybe the bath Kiwi or Butter.  I personally like soothing colors in spaces you sleep,  but bathrooms can be more intense unless you are going for a spa feel.  In that case, I'd  keep the color muted.  Couple tidbits, instead of valances, do nice pleat ( invert, goblet, pinch, or parisian) curtain panels hung with pin hooks ( no clips)  and rings in your bedroom redo.  You have some beautiful furniture but it looks like an entire suite.  Repurpose your nightstands in another room, and get some larger scale chests.  They need to be taller and more substantial next to that four poster bed.  They could be mirrored, silver leafed, or even painted pieces.  Using different materials will make the room more interesting.  Lastly, that dormer nook is screaming for a beautiful writing desk.  Good luck with the redo and send pics when you are finished.

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