Last week I finally made it to Brimfield. I’m desperately trying to check off the Boston bucket list before we move. Time is quickly running out. I try not to think about only having four weeks left. I start to have heart palpitations. In the last couple weeks, I have been frantically finishing client projects while lining up contractors for the decastlization of the Hogwarts architecture in the house we purchased. So, not my thing. I shall share with you the sorting hat ventless gas fireplace that is going to be demoed out of the basement, as an example. I’m currently afraid to go into the space for fear it will start shouting Huffinpuff or Griffindorf. Sadly, someone paid to put this in the house. Even sadder, I’m paying someone to take it out. I’m pretty sure this is the ugliest flipping fireplace I have ever seen, not to mention the color of the walls. If you could see the ceiling fan we can add that to the mix of ugh too. There are 15 of the fans throughout the house. I’ll be paying a small fortune in replacement fans. I think 15 is a little overkill. I guess the four air conditioning systems aren’t enough to keep the place cool. Apparently, whoever built this house was going through menopause.

Back to Brimfield. My girlfriend and I started out very early. She is a veteran, equipped with the cart and all. The very first booth we landed in, ended up being my score for the day. I got YSL and Hermes store signs from the NYC locations, and a Chanel fabric swatch book. The swatch book almost made me pass out. They told me I missed out on a huge Chanel sign they sold the day before. Little bummed about that. You may be wondering what in the “h” “e” double hockey sticks I’m planning on doing with this loot. You’ll have to stay tuned for the future new house reveal. I definitely have a plan.

There were some very distinct trends at Brimfield. The first I noticed was glass. Depression era, milk, jadeite, and even bright Pyrex was everywhere. One booth even claimed a large vase for $65 was Blenko. I don’t think so. My FB friend, Damon would know. My veteran friend thought they were definitely more vendors with these booths than usual.

Linen also continues to be everywhere and I thought this adaptation was excellent. I especially love the finish they did on this Louis Wing.

Industrial chic is still popular both here and at High Point market. Several vendors had reclaimed wood and metal items fashioned into furnishings. This wine table was a popular piece. Check out the sconces on top too.

There were definitely some very taste specific things there too. They must have been from Texas. NO likey!

I’m not really sure what one would do with a vintage wheel chair, but my friend took a moment to rest her weary feet. She is very little, her feet barely touch the foot rest.

I found a chair more my style. However, I’m not looking so good. Why bother with make up when you start at 6 am? Thank goodness I have my age defyers (sunglasses) on.

This had me cracking up, so I had to take a picture of this vintage ad.

Then there was the WTF? I’m still mystified and creeped out by this. What would possess someone to make these and furthermore who the heck buys em? Am I missing something? Gluing doll heads on tin cans has me puzzled, but attaching feet….. what does one say? That is efffed up, I’m sorry.

It wasn’t until the end of the day after 9 hours of shopping that my friend found her score. She had been scouting for a buffet… well for years actually. It was worth the wait. Not only did she get a custom painted piece, topped with a slab of carrara marble, she stole it . Deal of the century. Here it is in her dining room. Check out the marble!

Well this concludes the Brimfield excursion. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to all those who serve our country.

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