Clearly, I have been MIA for several months. The move pretty much kicked my arse. The kids had their last day in school the end of June in Boston and we were packed and loaded the following week. We arrived in Atlanta the beginning of July and quickly starting unpacking, remodeling, and getting the kids ready for school, which was starting in 4 short weeks. To say it was a whirlwind diminishes the ”crap hitting the fan” atmosphere that existed in my house. The kids have now been back to school for a month, I almost have the soccer schedule down, the contractors are out of the house, the new pieces in the furniture line have launched, and I’m finally able to breathe. How I did this without medication (and really, there should have been, for my familie’s sake) is quite unfathomable. Well, there was wine, but I’m not sure that technically qualifies. Many exciting things happened during the insanity that I haven’t shared. I’ll save those for some later posts. Today, I’m going to share some of the transformations of the house remodel. First, the Harry Potter sorting hat fireplace is gone and the bar area remodeled. Today I’m sharing the bar before and after pics. This space in on the terrace level of my house and has 10 ft ceilings.


Scary, huh? In full disclosure, if I was to have designed this from scratch, it would look very different. Both the pool table and bar were left by the previous owner. The wood is solid mahogany, so I could not, in good eco friendly conscience get rid of it. I choose to repurpose it instead. My bar stools (that is a saga for another day) are not finished yet but this is where we are right now.

Here is what I did. First, we demo’d that antiquated TV, the excessive gingerbread molding and the carpet in the bar area. I replaced the flooring with porcelain tile (that is not wood). We took the back bar apart and reused the end sections but added a sink and built in fridge/freezer in the middle. The center section of the old bar was the perfect size to be re imagined for the sink in my powder bath (I’ll show you that in another post). We refelted the pool table, added tons of new lighting and replaced the UFO landing gear ceiling fan. Last, but certainly not least, I designed a custom banquette from the Kristin Drohan Collection to fit in the TV nook. That thing is 11 ft long and almost 7 ft tall. It took 4 huge strapping guys to get it in place. The day they installed was very stressful, even the delivery guys were knuckle bumping when they got it in. Professional pictures will help convey this space a bit better. I do need to leave all things photography related to the professionals. My husband, is almost “school girl” giddy over his “Irish bar” which we christened a couple weekends ago with our first party. He can’t wait for all his buds to visit so he can hang out with them. His brother is coming this week for a quick visit. Gee, I wonder where I’ll find them?

Sidenote: If you sent me a Free Advice Friday question anytime during the last couple months, it was just too insane for me to contemplate. Please feel free to resubmit if you still need help.