I had a reader email with a question on how to arrange her artwork and pictures.  She had recently moved (can totally relate) and had a pile of pictures laying on the floor. She was overwhelmed with how to hang them or to even get started.  

Free advice picture hanging


  1. I begin by laying the arrangement out on the floor. I like to have consistent, not exact, frames on all the pieces.
  2. I start by putting the biggest piece in the middle.
  3. I prefer symmetry, so I find frames that are similar in scale and group them.
  4. If you have architectural pieces to mix in or a sconce, it gives it dimension and character.
  5. As you put the arrangement together, keep the spacing consistent.
  6. Once you have it on the floor the way you like it, you can cut the sizes out of paper and attach them to the wall for guidance.

Here is an example from my portfolio:

D09034-8706 m

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