I know I predicted that Antonio would win but that wasn't because I thought he should.  I think HGTV needs to stop calling the show, Design Star.  It should be called HGTV Host Star.  After watching the show last night I think Dan got robbed (unless he gets the show being voted on by the public).  Am I crazy? The only misstep for him was the kitchen back splash.  I thought Dan's house overall functioned much better, solved every client concern, and looked  great.  The space plan in Antonio's living room wasn't executed well.  I wasn't feeling that fireplace either.  That, however is a personal decor preference. Providing a proper space plan is fundamental in design.  If you fail at that, how do you win something called Design Star? I thought the furniture placement in the master wasn't that great and the scale of the toddler bed in the little boy's bedroom was pretty awful.  What the heck was that?  A dog bed? The issue isn't that  Antonio is without talent. The problem is,  he would fail Interior Design 101. Calling him a "Design Star" is a gigantic stretch.  He really struggles with scale and that isn't something you can always learn.  It is intuitive and in good designers, inherent.  I did like the color palette in the master (my guest bedroom is almost the same) and I loved the red chairs.  Taking down the walls and changing the entrance to the bathroom was smart. I liked how they styled him all up.  He looked nice.   I'm just simply baffled.  Maybe I'm just struggling with semantics.  What did y'all think? Will you watch the Antonio Project, his new show?  HGTV thinks you will.