Stephanie, over at A Fine House recently blogged about finally obtaining some new fabric for some window valances.  Here is her story.

A fine House Question

A fine House Blog photo

A Fine House Fabric

Here is the living room picture and the fabric.

This is what I would do:

Free advice Friday Window Valances



I'm kind of picky about valances.  I really am really partial to Roman shadeswhich I've blogged about before.  If drapery (which we are supposed to be calling curtains, now) can be used, that is my preference.  I know… I'm going to have to do a post on the curtain versus drapes.  Even though Stephanie thought she couldn't do drapes in this room, it would have been perfectly fine.  I gave her a couple options with this shade. I like having more than one fabric to add interest when doing valances.  Adding a contrasting leading edge is always nice too.  Which do you prefer?

I'll be joining the party at Hooked on Houses, be sure to check it out.