Recently, I've noticed in both the shelter mags and my trade mags the deliberate use of curtains instead of drapes when referring to window treatments.  So, I did a little research.  I actually think the incomparable Miles Redd is behind this switch and others have quickly joined suit.  I remember reading this interview in the Post (do I need to clarify that… The  Washington Post) with Nick Olsen. Notice who Nick works for. 

Capture curtain quotes

I just needed to ask.  I emailed Miles Redd, and asked what's wrong with drapes? This was the response.  First of all, how awesome that someone bothered to respond and within hours too.  I read in an interview that he returns client's calls very quickly.  Hmmm, great decorator and business man.  He says, "drapes smacks of trying to hard.  Curtains sound like what they are".  He also added that he prefers sofa (despises couch) and likes good old fashioned decorator to designer.  Love it.  Now, I need to ask if it is cocktail table or coffee table? 

I would be remiss if I didn't show some of his work.  I think he is one of the most talented decorators out there and the guy is young (well, young is relative).

Miles Redd
The green leather upholstered doors has me holding my breath (with nail head no less)!

Miles Redd 2
Look at the faux ivory wall treatment and horn trim.  Not even human! 

Miles Redd 3

Umm does this even need an explanation?

Miles Redd 4
Miles, in his home. Those zebra upholstered doors send me over the moon!

I haven't met Miles but I have a feeling he isn't a diva designer.  That's a post for another day.  I won't "out" the divas (and trust, I've met a few)  but I will tell you the who the awesome ones are.  So, I guess I'm sold on curtains.  Who's with me?