A reader comments:


Hi Kristin,

Wondering if you have any favorite fabrics that would look good with yellow golds, greens and reds. I need some inspiration and your design style is just amazing! Thanks, Julia

As a matter of fact, Robert Allen just sent me some new fabric books containing their new Lifestyles Collection.  In the Dockside book they had some great  fabrics in that color palette.  I threw the swimsuit and starfish fabric in because I think they are fun, although not applicable for all.  

Robert Allen Corn Maize

Corn Maize

Robert Allen Recliner


Robert Allen Sea Lace

 Sea lace

Robert Allen Diamond Cable

Dimaond cable

Robert Allen Sally's Shells

Sallys Shells

Robert Allen Granny's Quilt

Grannys Quilt 
 Robert Allen Swimsuits


Robert Allen Lilith


I recently just finished a project for a client that I've worked with for over three years.  The Lilith fabric was the inspiration we used for the jumping off point.  This was the last room in their home for me to decorate.  I'm featuring the before and after of that room on Monday's post so be sure to check it out.  The little swatch doesn't do this fabric justice so I'm showing the finished pillow to illustrate how pretty and happy it is.  I am surely going to miss working with this family. They have been great clients.  I think they have given me more referrals than any other client.  How do you say "thanks" to that?  So, thank you thank you Heather, Brad, Ainsley, and Preston.  Look for the sun room Monday it turned out awesome.

Phillips pillow
Much better in person huh?

I hope one of these fabrics inspires you, Julia.