This past Monday my fabulous photographer, Bob Narod did these two shoots in Northern Virgina.  I think my clients and Bob do a pretty darn good job of styling the shots since I am in Boston and couldn't make it to DC.  Bob, shoots the who's who of designers in the DC area as well as all the show houses, and has taken all my Northern VA photography for the last 5 years. 

Centerville Dining Room Before:

Centerville Dining After:

Dining room after 
The bones of this room were fantastic with some great built in bookshelves and beautiful hard wood floors.  The wallpaper came down and new paint went up.  The piano was moved to the living room and the cabinet you see in the "before" was moved to the wall where the piano was.  We added Sky Blue and Citron Green silk stripe curtains, custom art,  a  new custom dining table, Candace Olsen chandy and rug, Southern Living Couture Cover side chairs, and the Kristin Drohan Collection, Jack host chairs to complete this After.   

Brambleton Sun room Before:

Phillips Sunroom before
Brambleton Sun room After:

Phillips Sunroom After
In this room we painted the walls Chocolate Brown.  This is an unusual choice for a sun room, but it added warmth and worked well because there are so many windows.   We added some custom animal print plantation chairs, a Hickory Chair ottoman, the Kristin Drohan Collection Eileen curve sofa in Red Crypton suede, a custom sisal rug, pillows, curtains and a mahogany side table.  We did this room on a modest budget and almost everything in it is custom.  I have some great resources.  I'll be joining Met Monday at BNOTP and Blue Monday at Smiling Sals, so hop on over to see more Monday transformations.   I'm joining Paula Grace at her Timeless Tuesday party too.