Yesterday, I spent the day with my fabulous photographer, Bob Narod  We were shooting a project I just finished in Arlington, Va.  I'll be honest here.  As much as I love Bob and his assistant, Melody, shoot days are not my favorite.  My client completely kicked butt having her house ready (it is a pain for the client too).  She had it spotless and completely clutter free.  Propping out the rooms and doing the floral arrangements (which I'm really not good at despite taking fresh floral design classes) is exhausting.  Bob takes as much pain out of the process as possible for me but it is usually a contest on which of the three of us goes down first.  Bob, always lasts the longest. It is hard work.  So I snapped a couple of shots of him shooting, which he didn't love so I only got a few.



I did almost the entire house and I can't wait to get the shots back.  The before and afters are going to be amazing.  We got some great stuff, I look forward to sharing.


Free Advice Friday

 A reader writes:

I am also writing to ask for free advice. I have a friend who always straightens my angled rugs. I prefer them angled, she prefers them straight. She's sneaky about it to – she does it when I am not looking. Can you advise me on how to alter her behavior? Every time I go into my powder room, I am horrified by my straight rug after she visits. 🙂



Perhaps your friend thinks they look better straight or maybe the enjoyment of messing with you is too enticing.  I'm inclined to think it is the latter.  My advice is to embrace this little game and/or consider staightening the rug.  The moral of the story is.  Some designers like rugs on an angle and some don't.  So for the readers, there is no "right" or "wrong" just preference when placing a rug.