Before I get to the HGTV Green home, I need to thank Nicole Haddad from New York Spaces for the article on the Kristin Drohan Collection on the Edge blog.  You can read it here

A few days ago I decided to check out the HGTV Green home in person since it is only an hour away in Plymouth, MA.  Lets get to it.  I loved the color palette of Black, Red, Blue, and White.  I know… shocker.  I thought the decorating was nice.  I think Linda does a great job with these homes even though she takes some serious criticism from the bloggers.  Here was my disappointment.  Although the house was a "Green" build, only a portion of the decor was.  They didn't even source the upholstery.  Now, I'm not a Green fanatic, and there's definitely shades of Green, but I expected to see some cutting edge eco friendly stuff.  I was a little disappointed. 

I love the outside architecture of this house, but the pic is a little deceiving.  The house is only 2100 sq ft and other houses are in close proximity.  You don't have a lot of privacy or land.  This may be a positive for people like my Mom who can then chat with all the neighbors and passer bys.  She is the ultimate social butterfly.  Personally, I like a little more space.


HGTV green house 2 
This is the main living area.  I love the colors. 

HGTV green house 
The master bedroom was interesting. I like the decor and love the bedside light fixtures, but I gotta tell ya, the room is a little tight.  This is a queen bed and as you can see, there isn't a whole lot of room.  My 6"8" hubby would miss his Cali king bed.  Maybe he is such a minority that for most of us that works. They designed this house to be a second home for a retired couple with visiting Grand kids. 

HGTV master 

The master bath was really pretty but again the function was weird.  The tub was tiny and my husband hit his head on the doorway into the bath and the water closet.  They must have lowered them from a standard height to accommodate the decorative interior roof.  

HGtv Green house bath

 The only other bedroom in the house was for the kids.  Super cute decor. Loved the galvanized pipe they used for the bunk beds and the lamps.  What's up with the wall mount sink in the middle of the bedroom (you just see the edge in the alcove in back) and no closet?  Even if the kids are just visiting, I think a closet would be a nice place to hide their stuff. 

HGTV green house kids room 
The outdoor space is nice and especially if you like your neighbors. 

HGTV showhouse
So what do you think?  Did you watch the show?  Are you entering to win? 

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