These days I have a hard time keeping up with all the blogs I enjoy reading.  I really like it when other designers have enough confidence to ask their reader's opinions on a project.  The other day at coco + kelley, she did a post on some bedside chests she had for an ongoing bedroom project.  Here is the dilemma:

Coco + Kelley chests

First of all, how awesome are these chests?  I love the deco look to them.  She has painted her walls Gray and is going to do either Coral or Tangerine accents.  So this is my advice to her.  I love the idea of going high gloss Gray (one step lighter than the walls) where the light wood tone exists currently.  I'd do the Tangerine (over Coral) in high gloss where the darker wood tone is.  It would pop off the walls, but wouldn't be too in your face. I love the hardware that's on the chests and would do that in the Tangerine as well.  Anywho, that's my two cents on that one.  I recently just did some bedroom chests for myself.  This is how they turned out.



Abbey K also had a bit of a dilemma with some fabulous chairs she inherited from her Grandma.  Y'all know I love that since I just recently did a post on all the things I have of my Grandma's in my home.  Especially her chairs. 

Abbey k's grandmas chairs

Great chairs.  This is what I would do.  I would probably do a solid welt that matches the Darker Green in the fabric.  If her upholsterer is good, they can center the smallest diamond in the buttons.  Lastly, because I'm a nail head freak (plus it is a classic detail that is really "in" right now) I'd outline the sides and do a row around the bottom.  This is what I did to my Grandma's chair.


As always I'll be participating in the hooked party at Hooked on Houses today and The Inspired Room.  Make sure you check them out.  What would y'all do to the chests are chairs?