A reader wrote:

I like to hang drapes about 4" below ceiling and hang a valance from a combination rod.
My problem though is I have 2 rooms that curtain panels only come in 74" lenth and I was using a decorative rod and no valance. If I bought a spare panel and added length and used matching piping like what's on the spread and throw pillows, would that be ok? I think I could add 2 rows and make it pick up a detail already on set.


Many times the stock drapes that come with bedding coordinates aren't long enough for ceilings 8ft or taller.  This is one of my favorite budget-friendly solutions when custom is not an option.  You can purchase an additional panel or even a bedskirt to add to the bottom.  I also love adding a stripe to the bottom as pictured below.  In fact, I'm having this done for a client right now.  I used the reader's preferred drapery location of 4 inches below the ceiling to illustrate the added length.

Drapery demo


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