Recently a reader sent me an inquiry about a fabric application. In a past blog post,  I had used the fabric in question on pillows in a client's sun room. She asked if the pattern was too much for curtain panels.  This is an easy one. The fabric pattern is Lilith from Robert Allen.  It comes in six color ways.  Here are the four I like the best.

Lilith Montage 
 Here is the pillow I did for my client.  It is in the color Summer.  Looks so much better in a professional photo. 

Phillips pillow 

I absolutely think you can do curtains in this fabric.  I would limit  additional patterns, layer various textures in the other furnishings, and keep the space edited.  Here is an example of some pinch pleat panels in Lilith Summer.

 Free Advice Friday

I say go for it.  I think it will be fun!