Velvet ottomans are the perfect addition to any living space that implies, with just its presence, attention to detail. The Kristin Drohan Collection is proud to offer a selection of ottomans that are fully customizable. The made-to-order craftsmanship means that any color of velvet that you desire can be applied to your ottoman. Our craftsmen can also use material that you provide to create the perfect velvet ottoman that fits your style. Contact our team to learn more about our COM Furniture (Customer's own material) furniture creation.

Why Buy Velvet Ottomans?

As a fabric, velvet is wonderfully soft and has long been associated with royalty. In fact, the qualities of this fabric have inspired the idioms, "smooth as velvet" and "soft as velvet," to describe anything that texturally resembles the fabric itself. The long history of royal associations and cultural acceptance of velvet means that velvet ottomans have long been a popular furniture piece for homes. Designers and homeowners alike can appreciate the sophistication of a velvet tufted ottoman or a nailhead ottoman that is smooth to the touch. With different sizes and shapes like the Soho oval ottoman or the Hutch square ottoman, and color choices which span from black velvet ottomans all the way to pink velvet ottomans, your choices are endless!

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