Premium furniture is just one way to describe the available pieces in the Kristin Drohan Collection store. So what separates the premium furniture that you can order from the Kristin Drohan Collection and other furniture designers, big box or furniture stores?

The best way to understand is to know what the word "premium" means. Premium, when used as an adjective, is defined as "of exceptional quality or greater value than others of its kind; superior." This word defines the spirit of the work that Kristin puts into each of her furniture designs that are available. Premium furniture from experienced designer furniture creators take numerous precautions that mass production furniture stores simply don't take.

The furniture in the Kristin Drohan Collection refrains from using harsh chemicals and constructed using sustainably forested solid maple. Each piece in the collection is hypoallergenic and uses available recycled content to ensure an environmentally friendly approach to producing furniture (in the United States).

Don't settle for generic furniture created by "designers" who don't care about the quality of their finished work or the impact that it has on the environment. Browse the Kristin Drohan Collection for the perfect premium furniture fit for your decor.

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