Designer sectionals from The Kristin Drohan Collection Store is a simple way to acquire a fully customized furniture piece from a premier designer of luxury sectional sofas. The main problem when shopping for designer sectionals from other websites, brick and mortar stores, or other outlets is when they promise "designer sectionals" they rarely specify who actually designed it. That is no longer the case with the Kristin Drohan Collection. Each of the designer sectionals below are painstakingly designed with an obsessive eye for detail. Each of the designer sectionals in this collection are manufactured in the United States and delivered right to your door.

One of the major perks of ordering a designer sectional from the Kristin Drohan Collection is the ability to fully customize the wood finish and fabric that these made-to-order pieces will be created with. Don't settle for boring fabrics that don't quite match the vision of your decor! Order swatch or finish samples to be sure that the fabric selection available is high-performance material designed to fit your lifestyle.

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