Unlocking the full potential of a canopy bed from the Kristin Drohan Collection is easy. With hundreds of fabric and wood finish options to choose from, the centerpiece of your bedroom will come from our production facility, built to your exact specifications. The clean lines that extend from the bottom of the bedposts and reach toward the ceiling, when bare, create an uncluttered, spacious feeling. Bare canopy beds appeal to fans of minimalist styling, however, due to their design, canopy beds can be draped in fabric that coordinates with your room's color scheme to add a feeling sophistication. Browse our collection of canopy beds below to find out more about the careful made-to-order construction that goes into each of these canopy beds:

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Gates Canopy Bed

$3,468.00 – $3,898.00
Grayton bed Driftwood Finish Evere Hopsack Linen King Cal king Queen straight on

Grayton Canopy Bed

$2,930.00 – $3,350.00

John Canopy Bed

$3,588.00 – $4,188.00