What’s Next After the Style Evaluation?

Sorry for the lack of recent posts.  I've been swamped with a couple new projects.  When I'm in the beginning stages of a project, I have a hard time doing anything else until I have the last detail specified.  I dream about it, obsess over it, and I can't focus on much else.  Thank goodness it only lasts for a few days.  I'd pretty much stink at mothering and wifeing if I was like this all the time. 

What happens after I hone in our a client's style profile?  The next step is to put the room dimensions and architectural elements into a scaled space plan.   I use a 1/4 in equals one Ft. scale in my computer program.  Many have asked what program I use.  I use Minutes Matter instead of Auto Cad because, it is simply prettier.  I can put the exact fabric I'm specifying on the curtains, pillows, and upholstery.  I have found it to be a valuable visual.  With many of my clients in other states, this is a way I can communicate exact specifications to them.   If I'm having something custom built, I use Auto Cad for that.  Most contractors prefer to use Auto Cad drawings when they are constructing something.  We don't need pretty for that.  This is what a space plan would look like.

Space plan for blog
Much prettier than black and white, yes?  I can even put the exact rug in the plan.  In this case, it is a simple sisal rug.  The white square in the right hand corner is where I put details and pricing.   I can either print it with the grid lines or not.  I usually don't print them but to show you I thought this might be helpful.  BTW, this was for a client who is  Transitional Casual Coastal.  They have a newly constructed home with craftsmen details located in New England.   I can't wait to transform this space.  It is going to be an awesome Before and After.   If you were my client would you prefer a colored space plan?  Grid lines or not? I'll be joining both Met Monday at BNOTP and Blue Monday at Smiling Sals.  Make sure you check them out. 


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8 thoughts on “What’s Next After the Style Evaluation?

  1. Looks great. I’d definitely prefer a colored space plan since it would allow me to see how you use color. Having seen your designs, I think the way you use color or repeat color is beautiful and the colored space plan would show that better thus highlighting your strengths.
    I like the gridlines but then, I am probably not your typical client. I’d be measuring how far the sofa will come out into the room, etc. since I can never wait until a room is done. I like that you offer different choices for the valence.
    When you do a room/place for a client, do they typically have colors in mind or do you create plans based on the color you see in the room.

  2. DM, the color palettes are dictated by the client. I do what they want. It is great if they have art or rug for inspiration. In this case it was a piece of meaningful art. If not, I take a clue from the style evalution and I ask directly what color palette they want. The only thing I steer clients away from is a palette that is “trendy” and in all the big box stores. I’m open to a creative variation of trendy palettes but I don’t want to date stamp the space. Remember the Navy, Burgundy, and Hunter from the late 80’s early 90’s? If a client still really wants trendy, I make sure the trendy color’s are not in high ticket items but in pillows and accessories. I get asked for a lot of Blue(any shade from Gray to Turquoise) and Red combos.

  3. Looks great – the presentation of color and floor plan visual must have a tremendous impact while working with your clients – very impressive.

  4. I like the plan with the color and the grid lines. I can’t wait to see the before and after photos. I love how you transform a space!

  5. The color is absolutely critical! That’s the only way you can really get the feel of the space. Love this plan! (and it’s just my style!). The grids can be helpful in seeing the scale of the open spaces in the room. Looking forward to seeing the “after.”

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