1. Chesterfield – Deep button tufting, high arms and a high frame define      this classic.

Chuck Chesterfield Chip Chesterfield

 2. Tuxedo – Arm height and back are the same height like a Chesterfield,  but the lines are clean and tailored.

Christopher Sofa  Tuxedo Sofa 

 3. English Roll Arm or Bridgewater – Typically a tight back with low rolled  arms that usually have a tiny scoop from the side.
Sydney Sofa  Simon Sofa

 4. Camelback  – This sofa has an arched back that reaches a higher point  on either side – just like the animal it’s named after.

Coco Sofa   Erin Sofa

 5. Lawson – This classic has loose back cushions and either rolled or track  arms.
Wilson Sofa  Collins Sofa 

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