Before I show you my Bedside chest makeover I need to thank Julia, from Hooked on Houses.  Last weekend she did a post on my Free Advice Friday.  I totally missed it.  I noticed that my page views had doubled and that the referencing HTML was Hooked on Houses but I couldn't figure out why.  I had a blond moment (for the record it hasn't naturally been that color since I was 4, shocking, I know).   Any who, just wanted to thank Julia for her support. 

Back to the chests.  I have been looking for some bedside chests for several months.  I had tossed around mirrored pieces (which I love), but I was afraid they'd get smashed up in the next move.  I also thought about silver leafed chests but also ruled them out for the same reason.  Wood dings and paint can be fixed, but mirrors and leafing, not so much.  I was pouring through my vendor catalogs and came across a new introduction from one of my favorite accounts and designer collections.  I was so excited, it was perfect.  Exactly what I was looking for. It had scale, drama, and functionality.  Then I looked up the price.  The wholesale was multiple thousands.  Needless to say, it was too rich for my blood.

Hickory Chair Serpentine chest

So here is the inspiration chest.  Oh, I do love it.

I decided that I would have to recreate the look for less.  So I started my hunt for the perfect chest to start with.

Cairo Chest


I found this chest, it was a reproduction flea market inspired piece from another vendor.  It was the serpentine style I was looking for and had a width that also fit the space plan.  Most importantly, the price was right. It wasn't tall enough so I purchased some new legs to give it the extra needed height.  I then called in my painter (okay, this is where you DIYers would get busy, but we've already established that I'm not, hence the painter).  He thought I was a bit crazy when I told him what I wanted.  When he saw the end result he was a convert. Drum role please……………..


My camera does not do this justice.  A real photographer will be shooting the bedroom next week.  I can't wait to put the new bed between these two chests.  Bottom line.  As much as I love the original, you need to take a zero off the end of the final cost of my restyled version compared to the price of the first one.  What do you think?  Success?

I'm linking this to Its So Very Cheri's Knock Out Knock Offs.  Check it out.

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