Miramar Chaise - Linen Ivory

Miramar Designer Chaise


Designed with one of Kristin’s VIP clients, who mainly does design work on Cape Cod, the Miramar Chaise was designed to fit into beach house nooks and not block the view. Combining the luxury and personality of a designer chaise with the form factor required by clients Kristin created the Miramar with beach houses in mind. The Miramar Chaise is perfect for smaller spaces when you desire comfortable furniture that doesn’t demand attention, making it ideal for urban lofts, beach cottages, and other places where space is at a premium. Don’t settle for generic furniture for your home, customize a built-to-order chaise by selecting your fabric and wood finish from the options below!

Miramar Chaise: 76″ X 36″ X 27″
Seat height: 20″