I get asked about paint colors a lot.  I thought I'd share my favorite paint colors with you.  First, I 'll share a little trick on viewing color.  I had a client whose entire business was analyzing color.  The FBI was a big client and they worked with organizations that required scientific data and color analysis.  He taught me a little trick that seems completely logical, but never in my interior design training had anyone ever mentioned this.  If you always view your color on a White background, the undertones will appear and you get a truer sense of the color.  I do this for fabrics too.  Have you ever had someone tell you that  a color has Green undertones and to you it just looked like plain Beige?  If you put paint swatches on a White background you will see those undertones.  Obviously, it is important to use a low VOC paint as well.  VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, which are toxins in air vapor within a confined space.  VOC's are found in adhesives, stains, glues and paint.    I like Benjamin Moore's Natura and Sherwin William's Harmony.  To replace an oil base paint finish I like Ben Moore's  Aura.  An oil base paint is used for furniture or anything that requires durability.  However, oil base paint has high VOCs.

Here are my Favs:


These are all Historic colors from Ben Moore.  If you are looking for a neutral these are fail safe and are great for the body of a house.

Blues and grays 

These are all Ben Moore colors too.  They are my favorite Blues and Grays which I use a lot in bedrooms, dining rooms, sun rooms, and kitchens. 

Black and Whites 

The first swatch is Ben Moore and the last three are Sherwin Williams.  I use a lot of Black and White in my designs.  Linen White, Creamy White and Tricorn Black are great for cabinetry and trim.  Ceiling bright white is nice for ceilings when you need a White with a hint of Blue.  It is great for kitchens, sun rooms, and bathrooms. 


I'll be honest, I don't do bright walls often.  I'd rather the color in the room come from fabric, rugs, art, and accessories.  These are great colors for kid's rooms, guest rooms,  and powder baths.  The first three are Ben Moore and the Red is Sherwin Williams.   These are my favorite.  What are yours?  Please share.  I'll be joining Blue Monday at Smiling Sals andMet Monday at Between Naps on the Porch.  I'm also joining Timeless Tuesday at Paula Grace Designs.  Check out the great posts over there.  FYI, I'm writing about these products without any payment or incentives from either company.  I just like their stuff. 





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